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Do you add MSG to your products?

All Kettle & Fire products are MSG-free. We only want to provide the best productsfor our customers, so you get all the pure goodness.

Can I use bone broth while cooking?

Yes, absolutely! Using our Bone Broth while cooking is a wonderful way to incorporate it into your daily life. You can use it to make a gravy, or use it instead of water when cooking rice or pasta, also it’s a lovely base for soups. Our Kettle & Fire

Do I have to skip solid meals and drink bone broth instead to get the full benefits?

No, you don’t need to stop eating regular, solid meals to enjoy the full benefits of our Bone Broth. We encourage you to incorporate bone broth into your everyday meals so that it becomes part of your daily life. If you would like some ideas on how t

When is the best time to drink bone broth?

Any time is a good time to consume bone broth. However, the ideal time will depend on your reasons for drinking bone broth. Are you looking for a way to boost your energy without caffeine? Then swapping out your cup of coffee for bone broth first thi

When first starting out, how much should I drink?

Great question! Your answer can depend on where you find yourself in your bone broth journey. When you first start, we recommend drinking 2 to 4 oz daily and to keep at it for a couple of weeks to develop a good habit. Soon you will be enjoying all t

Where is the best place to store your products?

Unopened Bone Broth:. You can safely store our unopened products in your pantry or cupboard at room temperature. The shelf life of all our unopened products is two years. Opened Bone Broth:. The best place to store opened bone broth is in the fridge.

If I drink bone broth unheated, are the benefits the same?

Yes, the benefits are the same. Many people just find it more appetizing to drink the bone broth heated. However, drinking hot bone broth in summer is often the last thing you feel like doing, so we have put together some amazing recipes from our Ket