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My order arrived frozen. Is it safe to use?

Yes, your Kettle & Fire product is completely safe to use. Our Bone Broth is packaged in an aseptic and vacuum-sealed environment. Since there are no bacteria, it is shelf stable for two years without any preservatives. Remember to store opened bone

My order arrived damaged. What do I do?

We are very sorry this happened! If you have the damaged order, please take a photo & send. our Customer Support Team at [email protected]. You will be able to attach the photo in the form. We ask for a photo as we send these to our. Warehous

I think my order may be missing. What do I do?

If you believe that your order is missing please follow these steps:. First check the details of your tracking information to see if your order may still be in-transit. If your order's tracking states as delivered, please check with anyone living wit

My order arrived really hot. Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use because our packaging will protect the product from the heat. We use Tetra Pak packaging that is aseptic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. The main building materials of a Tetra Pak package are a paper carton (wood so