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I think my order may be missing. What do I do?Updated 2 years ago

If you believe that your order is missing please follow these steps:

  • First check the details of your tracking information to see if your order may still be in-transit.

  • If your order's tracking states as delivered, please check with anyone living with you, neighbors, or your property manager to see if someone else accidentally received it.

  • If you still can not locate your package, please email our Customer Support Team at [email protected]. In your request, please let our Team know all the details & steps you have completed thus far.

Please note that if you ordered a larger quantity or different sizes of cartons, your order may be arriving in multiple packages. Sometimes, you will receive the 1st part of your order and then a few days later receive the 2nd part. Please wait 3 business days after your first package arrives, before reaching out to our Customer Support Team. 


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