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Special Dietary Requirements

Do you offer a vegetarian substitute for bone broth?

We do not have a vegetarian substitute for bone broth because certain beneficial elements obtained from the bone marrow, connective tissue and cartilage (like gelatin, which supports gut health, skin health, and other important bodily functions), are

Is your Beef Chili paleo- or keto-friendly?

Is your Beef Chili paleo-friendly?. Our Beef Chili is not paleo friendly because of the organic kidney beans. We hope to add to our paleo-friendly products in the future. Our Beef Bone Broth is paleo-friendly and makes a fantastic base for chili. If

Are your products kosher or halal certified?

Unfortunately, our products are not kosher or halal certified. At Kettle & Fire, we love to hear new product ideas or ways we can improve from our customers. If you have any ideas or feedback, please contact our Customer Support Team at support@kettl

Is Kettle & Fire autoimmune protocol (AIP) friendly?

No, unfortunately our Bone Broth is not AIP friendly. We use trace amounts of the non-AIP compliant ingredients. We highly recommend that you make your own bone broth using AIP friendly ingredients. We have a vibrant community of Bone Broth Sippers o