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🌱 Regenerative Bone Broths

What does ‘regenerative’ mean?

Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming practices that can restore biodiversity by preserving the land, prioritizing natural processes, and increasing below-ground plant matter and organisms to sequester carbon (instead of releasing it into t

Why did Kettle & Fire launch a regenerative line of bone broths?

Regenerative is the new standard for human health and planet benefits, and as a company, it furthers our mission of making nourishing foods for people and the planet. We always look to stay at the forefront of the latest innovations in food and envir

Why should I buy this premium priced bone broth? Why is regenerative more expensive?

Our Regenerative Bone Broth is more expensive in price than our original Bone Broth simply because it costs us more to create from regenerative practices. At this moment, commercial farming is based on how quickly, cheaply, and in mass production you

Do your Regenerative Bone Broths taste different from original Kettle & Fire Bone Broths?

No, our Regenerative Bone Broth will not taste different than our original Bone Broth. The difference in the products is not in the flavor recipe but how they are created and how they affect farming systems. You will love our delicious and nutritious

Why aren’t all your products Regenerative? Will all your products become Regenerative?

As it stands today, we cannot source enough bones in a regenerative fashion to supply all of our bone needs today. We are trying to create demand and help farmers transition their practices to regenerative ones given our demand.