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🧂 Reduced Sodium Bone Broth

Why did you make Reduced Sodium Bone Broths?

We care about the opinions & health of our customers, and strive to provide the things people ask for. As our top-requested product, our Reduced Sodium Bone Broths were made for you.

How are these new bone broths different from your other bone broths?

Our new Reduced Sodium Bone Broths come in 2 different flavors (Beef & Chicken) with 50% less sodium than our classic versions.

Are they made with the same premium ingredients?

We didn’t skimp on flavor or nutrients; just the sodium! These new bone broths are made with 100% Grass-Fed & Finished Beef Bones - or Organic Chicken Bones - as well as organic veggies, herbs, & spices.

Do these taste different than the original?

Our Reduced Sodium Bone Broths are packed with our signature nutrients and flavor - however, with less sodium you may be able to tell a difference in taste if drinking straight.

What are the health benefits of Reduced Sodium?

We recommend speaking to your doctor or health professional for guidance on what’s best for you.

How do I know which one is for me: the Classic Bone Broths or Reduced Sodium?

Customers who requested Reduced Sodium products did so for different reasons. Some follow a reduced sodium diet, and others simply prefer the taste of less salt. No matter your reasoning, both options are delicious and you may wish to try both to see

Where can I find nutritional information for each bone broth?

Our product pages feature nutritional information for each flavor:. If you have any questions, please reach out our team at [email protected] & they’ll be happy to help!

How can I order these new bone broths?

There are several options for purchase :One carton at a time - $8.49Buying in varying quantities - get free shipping on 12+ cartonsAdd to subscription order - click here to sign up & get up to 20% off