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How does Kettle & Fire achieve a long shelf life?

We achieve our incredible shelf life through our process and our packaging. Our Innovative Packaging Method. Kettle & Fire Bone Broth is simmered for a long period of time and packaged hot in an aseptic (germ-free) vacuumed-sealed package. This entir

What is Tetra Pak and why do you use it to package your Bone Broth?

Tetra Pak is a specific form of packaging that keeps our Bone Broth safe and fresh. It’s one of the reasons why our bone broth doesn’t need to be frozen, has a shelf life of two years, and uses no preservatives or any other chemicals. The Tetra Pak c

Where are your products made?

Kettle & Fire products are made at a reputable co-manufacturing operation in the USA. We use our own recipes and work very closely with the manufacturer throughout the entire production and packaging process. We also test every single batch to ensure

How do you maintain your high quality standards?

Ensuring the high quality of our products is one of the most important values at Kettle & Fire. We have extremely rigid quality control and assurance testing that is done by multiple third parties, meaning that the growth of our business does not cha