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🍲 Hearty Soups

How are these new soups different from your other soups?

Our new Soups feature 4 different flavors, unlike any you’ve seen before from us. While they may be reminiscent of some of your favorite classics, we gave each of them our signature Kettle & Fire Bone Broth boost. New flavors to try:.

Are these new soups vegan or vegetarian?

Our new soups are not vegan or vegetarian, since the base we use is our signature Chicken Bone Broth. However, our Vegetable & Quinoa and Lentil & Vegetable flavors are packed with nutritious veggies, and all flavors contain lots of colorful, nutriti

Are these new soups really made with bone broth?

Yes! Our Chicken Bone Broth is used as a base for each flavor.

How do these differ from other classics with similar names, made by other brands?

You may find similar flavors from other brands, but those don’t include a crucial bone broth boost like ours! Our Chicken Bone Broth gives these soups more nutritional density, plus a depth of flavor unlike anything you’ve tasted before!.

Where can I find nutritional information for each soup?

On each of our product pages, you can find the nutritional information for each flavor. Just scroll through the photos and you will find our Nutritional Label. Below are links to each of our new Soup flavors:. If you have any questions, please reach

How can I order these new soups?

There are several options available for purchase:. One carton at a time - $6.49. Buy in varying quantities - get free shipping for 12+ cartons. Add to subscription order: click here to sign up and get 20% off!.

These soups aren’t labeled Low Sodium - why?

When creating the recipes for our new Soups, we did try to keep in mind that some of our customers are on low-sodium eating plans. However, we ended up with our current levels as the right amount of this key nutrient to create flavor elevation and to