This article contains everything you need to know about our 30-day Free Trial To The Fire Club Membership! 

With this free trial, you get access to our “Fire Club Portal” that contains savings of up to 20% and other exclusive perks!

There are NO COSTS to this free trial. Your membership does not auto-renew, you won’t have any additional charges, and there’s nothing you need to cancel! You were not charged for this free trial program!

Section 1: Why Did I Get A 30-Day Free Trial?

All customers get access to this 30-day free trial. There are NO DOWNSIDES or hidden costs.

After your free trial is over, you’ll have to sign up for a recurring subscribe & save to continue to receive the benefits of the program. You’ll have to do this manually, and only if you want to!

Section 2: What Perks Do I Get As A Member?

As a Fire Club Member, you’ll get access to our “Fire Club Page” that contains all the savings. In addition to being a Fire Club Member, you’ll receive:


  • Fire Club Friday Promotions: Usually, at least twice a month, we’ll have a special promotion where you can save even more. This is why we recommend you ‘whitelist’ emails from so you’re always aware of the best deals.
  • Membership Savings: At all times, you’ll save up to 20%. By being a member, you get the flexibility to “order when you want”. So if you’re going on vacation, or prefer to stock up your pantry a few times a year, this makes it more affordable for you.
  • Exclusive Fire Club Offers: This is a new initiative for us but you can expect exclusive swag, savings from partner brands, and much more coming in the very near future.


Section 3: How Do I Access My Membership Perks?

With Your 30-Day Free Trial….


First, you need to make sure you have an account. If you don’t, you can create one here (make sure you use the same email address as your purchase). If you need help, here’s a help article

Once you’re logged in, we highly recommend you bookmark this URL:

This is the main page that will contain all the deals and savings “pre-applied” without you having to have any special promo codes. Just add it to your cart and go to checkout!

To access this page, you must be logged into your account and fit one of the three options described in Section 1. If you still don’t have access and you think you should, please contact



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