What's New With Our Beef Bone Broth?

Why did we decide to reformulate our beef?

We wanted to produce a beef bone broth with improved flavor and nutritional content. An optimized broth that starts with sourcing very specific, high collagen-yielding bones and the right ratio to enhance and round out the beefy notes. This is part of our continuous improvement mindset for always giving our consumers the best bone broth on the market.

How did we do it?

First, we conducted a comprehensive study looking at different bones to see what combination of bones provided us both the highest collagen and best beef flavor. We then traveled to the individual farms to connect with the farmers on their agricultural and animal husbandry practices - we were excited to source bones from farms under a GAP level 4 program.

Finally, we individually tested each bone component to extract maximum collagen, protein and boosting the meaty flavor.

What is improved from a nutritional or quality standpoint?

The new recipe delivers 40% more protein than the old recipe and more collagen.  This is due to us a using proprietary process to get a higher flavor profile and maximize extraction from all the nutrients

Any flavor or taste improvements?

While still delivering the great smoothness and clarity of the bone broths you have come to expect from K&F, the new beef recipe is a much heartier and more robust beef flavor - a really well-rounded flavor.

Are there any additional ingredients added to the new beef?

Yes, we did add a few extra ingredients to boost the flavor profile. We added the following:

  • Organic black pepper
  • organic bay leaves
  • organic thyme
  • organic rosemary

Can I see the updated nutrition facts?

Sure can! See below:




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