How to Redeem Healthy Sips Points!


Do you have loyalty points (also known as Healthy Sip Points) ready to spend? It’s time to save money on your next order!

There are two main ways to redeem your points.

Method 1: If you’re not enrolled in our recurring ‘subscribe & save’ program

This method is only for customers who are NOT receiving our products automatically through our subscribe & save program. Also, note that this method will not work if you have any “auto-renew” products in the order you want to apply the products to

All you have to do is choose the products you want to purchase and go to the checkout page. Once you’re on the checkout page, log-in to your account. If you do not have an account, create one using the same email you’ve used in your previous purchases.

Once logged in, you’ll automatically be redirected to the checkout page you were on and you’ll see on the right-hand side a “scroller” where you can adjust how many points you want to use.

Please note: you may have to wait a few seconds for this slider to appear



Method 2: If you’re enrolled into our recurring ‘subscribe & save’ program

The following video will walk you through how to redeem your loyalty points. 


To contact our Happiness Team to apply your custom coupon code, you can call or text us at 415-857-0024 or contact us here.

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 To learn about how to earn more points, click here.



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