Is drinking only bone broth for 2-3 days a good means of detoxing?


The quick answer is yes! The long answer is, it depends how “toxic” you are and what you are trying to detox from.

Do you remember that time when you had a blinding headache? Did you reach for the paracetamol, swig back a glass of water and suddenly feel the pain just ease away. Not likely. The stronger the drug, the quicker the effects and often the more potent the side effects. Now allow us to get a little scientific in order to best answer your question. The speed with which you experience the effects or the side effects of a drug is dependant on the drug’s half-life. The half-life also determines the time it takes for your body to clear the drug out of your system. If you would like to read more about the half-life of drugs check out this article, we found it fascinating.

We hope that at this stage you are starting to see the connection, but let's spell it out for you: The half-life times of a drug will determine how long it will take your system to “detox” from the drug. Now, foods such as caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, also have “half-life,”  with alcohol having the most data on how long it takes to exit the human body… anyone hear of DUI tests?

So, back to your original question, yes 2-3 days could be a great way to detox your body but it will depend on how “toxic” you are, what toxins are in your system, and how long you have abstained from them.

Hope this information helps. Please read more on our Kettle and Fire Blog about Gut Health, and Detox Plans that will provide you with additional information on your detox road to success.

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