What Is Your Bone Broth Made of and How Do You Make It?

In all our bone broths, the first two ingredients are water and bones. We use filtered water and 100% grass-fed beef bones and organic chicken bones. Next, cue a mix of organic veggies, spices, and apple cider vinegar. Click here to see our full ingredient lists and nutritional labels.

Our Beef Bone Broth simmers on low heat for 20+ hours and our Chicken Bone Broth simmers for 10+ hours. We use large stainless steel kettles specifically designed for the cooking of bone broth. As the bone broths cook, the fat from the bone marrow floats to the top and we skim it off.

Once the cooking has finished, we strain the bone broths. This long cook process, along with the apple cider vinegar, ensures that the nutrients and amino acids in the bones break down to create the high-protein, highly nutritious bone broth we are known for.

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