What is the difference between Kettle & Fire Bone Broth and bone broth powders?

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth is hormone and antibiotic-free liquid bone broth made with organic ingredients. Bone broth powder is essentially dehydrated bone broth. They sound similar, but there are a few key differences in their ingredients and how they are made that will impact the benefits of the product.

Here is a brief summary comparing the two:

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

  • Our bone broth is traditional bone broth, using unprocessed, natural whole foods.
  • We use high-quality bones that naturally contain collagen, such as marrow bones (from grass-fed, grass-finished cattle), knuckles, and organic chicken bones and chicken feet.
  • We do not add any chemical stabilizers, additives or preservatives.
  • We slow simmer the bones with apple cider vinegar (to extract the nutrients) and organic vegetables for 10+ hours for our Chicken Bone Broth and 20+ hours for our Beef. The slow time allows all the minerals such as collagen to get extracted from the bones, producing a nutritious broth.  

Bone Broth Powders   

  • Bone broth powder is essentially bone broth that has been dehydrated at low temperature and then turned into powder.
  • It is a processed food and some of these methods use extremely high temperatures which will denature proteins and other nutrients.
  • Also, in order to keep the proper consistency, many additives and preservatives are added to the powdered product.

Another factor for concern is that, currently, there is a lack of quality control in the industry and, therefore, you are not always certain of the ingredients used in making bone broth powder. In 2017, according to Natural News, many of the top-selling bone broth protein products on Amazon were shown to contain traces of parabens, insect repellents, and other carcinogenic chemicals.
Best Nutrient has compiled a very informative guide about the products out there. Here is their Best Bone Broth — 2019 Review Guide where Kettle & Fire was the editor's choice. For more information, here is an article on our blog Bone Broth Powder, Concentrate, Liquid: What’s the Difference?



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