What's All This Craziness About Bone Broth Right Now?

The craziness around bone broth has to do with the amazing benefits it has on your gut health. It turns out that the old saying “you are what you eat,” should actually be “you are what you absorb.” You can eat the healthiest diet in the world, but you will only feel as good as the nutrients you absorb — and this is where bone broth comes in. People are beginning to realize that to take complete control over your health, you need to take good care of your gut. Thomas DeLauer, celebrity trainer and health author, discusses this very thing in his health video on the benefits of bone broth. He explains how the collagen in bone broth increases the healing of the gut lining for better nutrient absorption so that you can feel the difference proper nutrition has on your mind and body. It’s just 2 minutes, so take a quick break from your day and watch below:

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