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What is the Bone Broth Diet?Updated 2 years ago

The 21-day Bone Broth Diet involves eating paleo meals for five days and fasting for two. Our Team at Kettle & Fire followed this bone broth diet and here are 9 Unexpected Things We Experienced During Our Bone Broth Detox.

So how do you go about using our Bone Broth on this diet? Please see our sample diet below:

Based on the above information, you will need a maximum of 81 cups of bone broth (about 41 cartons) for the entire 21 days. However, some people reduce the amount of bone broth that they drink on the fasting days. The recommended amount is between three and six cups of bone broth on those days.

If you would like to find out more about the Ketogenic Diet or intermittent fasting, check out our Kettle & Fire Blog for more information.

Don’t forget, you can maximize your weight loss results by following a healthy training program. Just remember to speak to your doctor first.

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