What is Kettle & Fire's production method?

At Kettle & Fire, we use a highly specialized process called retorting to ensure that our Bone Broth remains good to drink. During this process, the broth is packaged and sealed in an airtight asepti…

Updated 5 months ago

Can you tell me about your chickens?

We source 100% organic and free range chicken bones. Organic farmers focus on caring for the whole farm system. They care about and respect their environment and their animals. They carefully monitor…

Updated 5 months ago

Can you tell me about your cattle?

Here at Kettle & Fire, our mission is to deliver the amazing benefits of bone broth to the world — and we accomplish that by making bone broth that is convenient, delicious, sustainable and nutritiou…

Updated 5 months ago

How do you protect your products from cross-contamination at your production facility?

If a common allergen is found at our production facility then our Team does in-depth allergen control process and cleaning. This includes complete isolation of raw ingredients that contain the allerg…

Updated 5 months ago

What type of water do you use in your Bone Broth?

The two main ingredients in our Bone Broth are the bones and the water they are cooked in. At Kettle & Fire, we only use the purest, filtered, free-of-contaminant water available in the making of our…

Updated 5 months ago