Special Dietary Requirements

Do you offer a vegetarian substitute for bone broth?

We do not have a vegetarian substitute for bone broth because certain beneficial elements obtained from the bone marrow, connective tissue and cartilage (like gelatin, which supports gut health, skin…

Updated 2 months ago

Is your Beef Chili paleo- or keto-friendly?

Is your Beef Chili paleo-friendly? Our Beef Chili is not paleo friendly because of the organic kidney beans. We hope to add to our paleo-friendly products in the future. Our Beef Bone Broth is paleo-…

Updated 1 year ago

Are your products kosher or halal certified?

Unfortunately, our products are not kosher or halal certified. At Kettle & Fire, we love to hear new product ideas or ways we can improve from our customers. If you have any ideas or feedback, please…

Updated 1 year ago

Is Kettle & Fire autoimmune protocol (AIP) friendly?

No, unfortunately our Bone Broth is not AIP friendly. We use trace amounts of the non-AIP compliant ingredients. We highly recommend that you make your own bone broth using AIP friendly ingredients.…

Updated 1 year ago