How can I Refer a Friend (and what’s in it for me)?

Olga Voytenko Updated by Olga Voytenko

We’re so happy to hear that you wish to share your love of Kettle & Fire! 

GET $10 when you give $10 by following the steps below: 

  1. Be sure to log in to  your account and go to our Loyalty Page.
  2. Scroll down until you see Refer a Friend and enter your friend’s email address. Press Next.
  3. Thank you for sharing - your friend will receive an email with their code to use on orders of $60+.
  4. Once your friend completes their purchase, you will receive an email with your code.

Please note: if you receive an error message, it may be due to your friend already purchasing from Kettle & Fire before. If you do not believe this is the reason, please contact our Support Team at and we would be happy to further assist you.

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