What is Tetra Pak and why do you use it to package your Bone Broth?

Tetra Pak is a specific form of packaging that keeps our Bone Broth safe and fresh. It’s one of the reasons why our bone broth doesn’t need to be frozen, has a shelf life of two years, and uses no preservatives or any other chemicals.  

The Tetra Pak cartons are lightweight, recyclable, and are made mainly from renewable resources. They are 100% BPA-free. The main building materials of a Tetra Pak container are a paper carton (wood source), a very thin aluminum foil (that protects the product from oxygen and light), and a thin heat-resistant polymer (from sugarcane). Below you’ll find some of the reasons why we love this packaging.

Aseptic Vacuum Environment — Packing a sterile product into a sterile container under vacuum ensures a complete aseptic (germ-free) environment. When our hot broth goes into the packaging, there are zero pathogens in the box or in the packaging area. There is also no air, so when we seal each container, there is nothing that can react with the broth to cause it to spoil.

Multiple Layers of Protection — We have multiple protective layers in our cartons that block oxygen and light from having contact with the product. We also line the inside of the packaging with a thin layer of polyethylene to ensure that no leaching or reaction occurs between the packaging and the bone broth itself, maintaining the integrity of the bone broth. So you receive a product that is completely safe and good to drink.

Raw Materials are Sourced from Sustainable Sources  — The wood used to make the paperboard is sourced from FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources where trees keep on growing and are well managed.

BPA-free and Recyclable Material — Tetra Pak containers are BPA-and BPS-free and can be recycled. Please recycle into paper products and green building materials.

Environmentally Friendly — Tetra Pak cartons are produced in a factory that is certified to high environmental standards. Just the right amount of material is used in each carton, therefore reducing unnecessary waste. The cartons are also transported easily because of their size and light weight, which reduces the number of trucks involved in shipping. Just two trucks can transport 1.5 million empty food cartons to food manufacturers!

At Kettle & Fire, our mission is to bring the amazing benefits of bone broth to the world by making it convenient, delicious, sustainable, and nutritious — and Tetra Pak helps us achieve these goals; that's why we use it.

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