Can you tell me about your chickens?

We source 100% organic and free range chicken bones.

Organic farmers focus on caring for the whole farm system. They care about and respect their environment and their animals. They carefully monitor how and what the chickens are fed, where they are allowed to graze and forage for food, the status of their feed (organic feed), and veterinary practices (i.e. no routine antibiotics).

In most cases, free-range focuses solely on allowing the chickens to range freely. In other words, they are not caged like battery chickens. However, free-range does not place a restraint on the types of feed nor veterinary practices. You can have a free range chicken farm feeding their chickens non-organic feed and using antibiotics.

Are the Chickens Fed Grain, Corn or GMO?

Our chickens are fed organic feed that does not contain any animal by-products, antibiotics or genetically engineered grains.

The National Chicken Council (yes, there is such an organization) estimates that 80% of the corn and soybean in non-organic chicken feed comes from genetically modified seeds. This means, if chickens are being fed non-organic feed then chances are they are being fed genetically modified seeds.

Our mission at Kettle & Fire is to bring you the highest quality bone broth possible, and we maintain strict guidelines to ensure that our bone broth meets those standards. That’s why we aim to source organic chickens that are free from antibiotics and hormones. 

When you open a carton of Kettle & Fire Chicken Broth, you can be assured that it contains all the amazing nutrients that we promise.

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