What is Kettle & Fire's production method?

At Kettle & Fire, we use a highly specialized process called retorting to ensure that our Bone Broth remains good to drink. During this process, the broth is packaged and sealed in an airtight aseptic environment and sufficient heat is applied to ensure that it's sterile according to USDA regulations. Retorting produces a shelf-stable food product that does not require refrigeration while in its sealed carton.

Apart from being safe to drink, our Bone Broth also contains collagen. To be extra sure that we are packing all the goodness into our cartons, we had two third-party companies test our Bone Broths for collagen content (as well as the full amino acid profile). Based on their findings, the results were as follows:

  • Our Chicken Bone Broth has 4 grams of collagen per carton
  • Our Beef Bone Broth has 7 grams of collagen per carton

To add to our specialized production method, we also have distinct packaging that contributes to the reason why our Bone Broth is shelf-stable for two years, without the use of preservatives.

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