How do I redeem my BrothBucks?

If you have loyalty points (also known as BrothBucks) available to spend then you can redeem these to save money on your next order!

There are two main ways to redeem your points either on your next one-time purchase or your next upcoming subscription renewal order. Both of these redemptions can be found in your account portal.

  1. Go to and log into your account
  2. Once logged in, you should see your account page, Welcome Back
  3. Scroll down a little bit, on the right hand side there will be a red button “Spend My Points”, please click on this
  4. A left hand side bar will pop up asking what amount & redemption you wish to make
  5. Once you select the amount and if you wish it to be on your next subscription renewal order or your next one-time purchase, please click “View"
  6. More details will populate on your choice and once you've decided, please click on “Redeem” to receive your personalized promotional code

Please note that you will also receive an email with your personalized code as well.

If you need help gaining access to your account, please click here.

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